Welcome 2019 Rockstars!

We are so happy to have met you, the Rockstars of the Entertainment Law Class of 2019. We look forward to many excellent classes to come!

Along with this blog we have included helpful links to websites of entertainment industry interest and download links to documents that you will hopefully find helpful. We will make sure to let you know when there is something you are required to download for class, otherwise the links are available for your benefit. Please take a look at our blogroll. If you are at all interested in the entertainment industry, you should start working on understanding who the stakeholders are, what the vocabulary is, and how your particular side works! That’s what these links are for. Each one should give you the opportunity to sign up for a free newsletter to be delivered to your inbox daily. No reason not to sign up!

One more time for those who did not write down our contact information:

Yocelaw@alonsolaw.com; office telephone: 281-240-1492

Justen@beardandbarks.com; mobile: 713-714-7431

We will be using this blog to share various things, including additional exercises intended to expand upon those ideas raised in class and through the case book (Weiler 5 ed.), and explanations of questions you may raise from time to time in class, over the phone, or through email. Of course, as with all proper privacy policies online, your personally identifiable information will be stripped from the question and discussion to the extent possible. However, we may collect data to provide services in the aggregate! 

Our goal for this entertainment law class is to make it one of the best in the country. As Yocel mentioned in class, we are constantly working to make this class better for you. We want you to be able to graduate and use the knowledge and skills from this class to enter the entertainment industry aware of its complexities, new developments, and obstacles. We are excited to share this semester with you and look forward to getting to know each of you better. Keep up with the reading, get involved in our discussions, and most of all have fun! 


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